The Mindset

All the diets and workout programs in the world are nothing without a health and fitness oriented mindset. Eating and exercising feel like chores, and soon enough, we get off track and quit. Why would we do something we don’t enjoy, time and time again? It’s not sustainable. Sure, some days are better than others. That healthy meal is just what you’ve been craving and the day’s workout couldn’t have seen a better performance. But those other days… those days when you’d just stuff your face with all the fast food in the world, leaving you too lethargic to even leave the bed, nevermind exercising.

So what would constitute a fitness oriented mindset? What can we teach ourselves to remember and believe in during an off period?

  1. Exercising and eating well is not a imposition, it’s fun, stress-relieving and a self-gift towards your well-being. You’ve started because you’re mindful of its many benefits, you feel better and it only comes at the price of a 2-second decision to gear up and go exercise. That’s all it takes, a few seconds per day to simply decide to start.
  2. The decision you’ve made when you started was to push yourself into a stronger and healthier self. If change is what you desire, you can’t expect it to come without your commitment to new actions, new decisions. So we push ourselves out of bed, we put on our running shoes and we go that extra mile. That extra mile or that extra rep is the daily manifestation of our initial decision.
  3. Rest and regroup, not quit. Ok, we’re feeling down and all the motivation we can mustard only gets us from the bed to the kitchen, and back again. We just can’t do it. That bag of chips is faster than that proper home-cooked meal we were planning to make, so we grab that and return to the coziness of our beds. This goes on for a few days, maybe even a week, enough to take us off track from our healthy living routines. But does that mean we’ve renounced all ties with fitness and proper nutrition? Can’t we pick those routines and good habits back up again? So we felt beat and unmotivated, but we know we can do it. We’ve done it before and we will do it again.

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