Keeping motivated – tips and tricks

Tip no. 1

Surround yourself with all the motivators you can think of. Some ideas would be:

  1. Subscribe to fitness and nutrition YouTube channels to always have someone to inspire you and get you going. Not everybody has trainers and nutritionists for friends and family. Just make sure they are promoting solid concepts or fact-based solutions, rather than opinions.
  2. Follow blogs… yeah. Let’s put it like this: You’re trying to lose some weight and you’re following some fitness, health and wellness blogs (see what I did there?). Chances are they’ll provide you with all kinds of articles and even cute printables to keep on hand. Now take some time to find and print some appealing healthy recipes, afferent grocery lists, and some fun&effective workouts. At this point, you would’ve constructed your first fitness guidebook – one that you’ve tailored yourself. All you need now is some willpower to start making small (but consistent) changes, and soon enough you’ll have it all down.
  3. Your wallpapers. Find some inspiring pictures or quotes (cliche your ass off) and set them as your phone/laptop/PC/tablet wallpaper. They just might remind you that you didn’t work out today, or that you didn’t eat enough, or simply to take a break from work and take your dog out for a jogg.
  4. Take photos of your progress. Yes, I want you to take half-naked selfies like a needy teenage girl. There’s no greater motivator than looking at the starting picture and knowing where you got to.
Tip no. 2

Meal planning, the best trend of all trends. If you’re bodybuilding or jut trying to eat more, you already know it’s virtually impossible to prepare ~five meals a day. It’s no bother if you’re eating canned tuna and salads all day long, every day, but that’s just crazy. So find/ make a meal plan, prepare your meals in advance and take them with you to work or school so you’re less disposed to eating from the vending machine or ordering in.

Tip no. 3

Food is fuel. No, I’m not saying not to enjoy food. But when you’re just getting started and you’re trying to accustom yourself to a healthier or ampler eating regime, you’re not always going to enjoy it. So food is fuel, if nothing else.

*Going back to YouTube, I find it helpful to watch cooking channels (e.g., Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube and affiliate chefs) when I’m not that into eating.

Tip no. 4

Workout area. If you’re working out in your home, make sure you’re doing it in a clean (clutter-free), airy space. It’s important not to feel like you’re hitting the furniture with each leg lift and not stumble into piles of clothes/ toys/ what have you. You need to prepare your workout area so that you’ll be able to focus on your target for the day, and not be put down by the state of your environment.

Tip no. 5

Make everything as enjoyable as possible, always. Make your food look great, buy that cute active-wear, make a workout playlist and blast the speakers, go outside when it’s warm and sunny. Whatever gets you in a good, active mood.

Tip no. 6

This is the most important step to remember! Have fun with it! We can get caught up in the ought’s, shall’s and musts, so it’s important to remember that it’s actually really fun to be active, it truly could not be further apart from a chore. Learn how to do a handstand, try a greater variety of sports, or bring your friends into action! So eat well, rest well, and just have fun with all you do, and you’ll be sure to stick with it.


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