Begin today

1. Gain the knowledge you need to begin and maintain a fit&healthy lifestyle.
  1. Find a fitness blogger/ vlogger or a fitness-related YouTube channel you like… or many. They should inspire you, provide you with workout and/ or meal ideas, and maybe even teach you proper form.
  2. Read. Research nutritional science, anatomy and biochemistry and know why you are eating and training a certain way. Or better yet, just follow FitHealthyWell ’cause it’s doin’ it for you (*wink*).
2. You don’t need to be crazy strict, but that doesn’t mean you can be overly indulgent.

No, you’re not ruining everything if you eat that doughnut. Otherwise, you shouldn’t be eating all the doughnuts because you’re bulking. Don’t drive yourself insane and don’t torment your psych or your body. Build a meal plan and a training regimen that’s tailored to your goals and preferences (this is where all that knowledge comes in handy). Don’t over-train, don’t under-eat. Balance, balance, balance.

3. Motivation leads to discipline

Know that those hard beginnings will soon become your warm-up… *grunt*. Seriously now, when there’s a will, there’s a way, and sooner than later it will become a lifestyle, something you identify yourself with, rather than a chore.

4. Find the joy in it.

Results will not come right away. You will soon begin to feel differently (and you’ll definitely enjoy all those endorphins), but you won’t look differently right away. But you need something solid to hang on to in order to make it a habit. So just find a joy in it, be it running on a sunny day or patting yourself on the back for each tiny positive change, then moving on to the next, and the next. You have all the reason to be proud and happy with yourself for desiring and moving towards a fitter, healthier self.


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